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You are selling litecoins.

Buyer: tefl0n (100% , 1)
Payment Method: Other
Price / LTC: 31.11595480 CAD / LTC
Amount Available: 280 - 2501 CAD

Trade Information: Text 289-210-3247 e-mail [email protected]

This trade is for Interac e-transfer. I might consider other payment methods.

I am a verified pro trader on localbitcoins and paxful (same username). My contact e-mail and phone number is the same on all three profiles so you know I'm the real deal. 100+ BTC traded, 1,000+ trades, been trading for a year and a half. You are in good hands.

I have to dock $1.00-1.50 from the payment I send to you to cover my Interac e-transfer fee.

1. You must have a Canadian bank account compatible with Interac e-transfer.

2. Your bank account or e-mail must not be blocked by Interac. If you received a fraudulent payment from someone, your Interac is probably blocked.

3. Your e-mail must not have any references to bitcoin/btc/coins/crypto/drugs/anything illegal/etc.

4. Please leave me your first and last name (recommended) as well for the e-transfer.

Interac e-transfers take 30 minutes to process usually. Sometimes instant.

Bank Info: Interac e-transfer

Buyer last active: 2 months ago


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evannosich (100% , 1) Positive: dude's nice

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