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You are selling litecoins.

Buyer: Fracmoney (88% , 9)
Payment Method: Moneygram
Price / LTC: 138.22600000 USD / LTC
Amount Available: 50 - 500 USD

Trade Information: $$$ for ltc

Bank Info: Can send funds during moneygram working hours only please be quick picking up your funds and your release as i am with my payment.

Buyer last active: 1 year ago


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Trading Feedback

Kryptotronic (100% , 2) Positive: Proffesional and worked with me in spite of some hiccups, very appreciated!
elpariner (100% , 1) Negative: This seller is a scamer be careful please he scam my friend wrih 350usf
Studantks (100% , 1) Positive: best trader and proffesionell
HalfDeck (100% , 18) Positive: Good trade. Thanks
Kryptotronic (100% , 2) Positive: Killer businessman and trader. My go to guy now...
Daymein42055 (100% , 2) Positive: Guys Legit, buy from him.
Daymein42055 (100% , 2) Positive: Legit, Great dealer.
HalfDeck (100% , 18) Positive: Honest trader. Would definitely recommend and trade with again.
HalfDeck (100% , 18) Positive: True to his word. Straight forward. Nothing sketchy about this trader. Fast response. Easy to trade with. Keep pushin FM . Thanks.

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