Posted By: Admin 2014-10-19 - Litecoinlocal Relaunch

Let me start by introducing myself. I started working for Litecoinlocal in January 2014, and despite the poor working conditions, I've stuck with the site ever since. The website underwent significant changes in 2014, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Litecoinlocal team. However, all my co-workers have quit over time, leaving me as's only employee.

These other employees left mainly because the longtime owner (known as skinnkavaj on freenode IRC or dennishaggblom) has continued to request new features for the site while offering little to no payment for these new features. For example, I have been a shareholder since April 2014, but to this date I have not received 1 satoshi of site revenue.

A couple days ago, the old owner posted a Reddit thread announcing that Litecoinlocal was closing down for good. This was done without consulting me (or anyone else for that matter) and I received zero compensation. This left me with a choice. I could cut my losses and allow one aggrieved man to nullify the efforts of all past Litecoinlocal coders, the efforts of all our vendors, and above all rob the Litecoin community of a core tool for fiat exchange; or I could, with the help of my friend and former Litecoinlocal co-developer Someguy123 revive the site.

In the future we plan to be more transparent; we will make our cold storage addresses publicly visible and we will sign important communications with these addresses. We are now more secure than ever before, taking maximum precautions to ensure the safety of our server and hot wallet. Lastly we will be more accessible. You can contact me directly at [email protected], or the Litecoin specialist at [email protected].

Litecoinlocal is back, and it's faster and better than ever, but things aren't exactly as they were. All user balances have been set to zero and any incomplete trades have been cancelled. In his Reddit post, the original owner of claimed that he would repay all 'top sellers' for lost Litecoins. If you had money in, you must contact him as he is the only one with access to the cold storage for the old site. In addition to this, the exchange has been disabled. We are open to suggestions for new features, but the main focus of the site is not the exchange of Litecoins into other crypto-currencies.

I want to thank all our users, especially our dedicated Litecoin buyers and sellers. Without you, we would not be able to continue hosting the site. I also want to thank the Litecoin Association as well as the users and staff of r/litecoin and for bearing with us during this stressful time.

We will be in touch, Staff

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9 years ago Btboy123 I've never traded any and only bought 840 ish. Someone said before I had to contact reddit for dennishagblom and have but no reply yet.
When will they be returned please?
9 years ago Btboy123 Where it said wallet I bought 5k british sterling back in June and they were stored there. 840 ish and around the £6 mark each I paid for them.
I don't know what your talking about 5.01659919 ect.
9 years ago LTC-Store Hurrah! great news!
9 years ago ADMIN @JanTam that's not your balance, that's your trading volume. That's the total amount you've traded since you made your account. NOT YOUR BALANCE.
9 years ago JanTam In MyPofile it shows the correct Wallet value of 5.01659919 Litecoins ....
9 years ago JanTam How do we get the lictecoins back from our online wallet ?
9 years ago ADMIN @btboy you need to contact [email protected] aka "litecoinlocal" on Reddit. He is the owner of the old site, and he is the only one to contact regarding your old balance:
9 years ago Btboy123 My 5k worth of Litecoins I had in the wallet where are they please? Who do I contact to get them back?
I was in the proccess of sending them to another offline wallet I got.
Again who do I speak to please to get my litecoin back?
Kind regards
Benjamin tallack

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