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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

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1 month ago Happy_man1234 Please contact me about the paypal reversal that emailed you about for trade id 23604
1 month ago kountess light coin
1 month ago kountess hello i need some coin
1 month ago flyswatter I am stuck on pg waiting for confirmation...had trouble yesterday uploading image file...I found out IMG IS I don't know what is up with that...the arrow to the right won't this normal to wait this long for confirm...
1 month ago Grindio Yes there is something very strange about that transaction, it simply vanished the moment I tried to upload an image file. Thanks buddy
1 month ago tonyandgrace Grindio, me already refunded the payment to you paypal account already. Sorry about that. Hope we can trade again in the future. Thanks.
1 month ago tonyandgrace For my comment below is trade between this buyer Grindio. Please help me on this. Cause i cannot open this LLLLL24740 trade window anymore. Please assist.
1 month ago tonyandgrace hello Host, can you help me to open back the Trade LLLLL24740, cause i delete the ads and i don't know it will effect my trade window. So my buyer already pay me the money but haven't released the LTC to my buyer. Please help on this. Thanks.
1 month ago azeezoluwaseun4life I bought LTC on this site 5 years ago. Left its here to grow. Now my LTC is missing. Please help return it. Thank you
1 month ago QuickFX I need my trade with fraudulent buyer to be looked at. I need a solution before he/she steals my money

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